Velocity Competition Series Lithium Batteries

After 9 months of extensive R&D, USA component resourcing, testing and production the new Velocity Competition Series, Lithium, OSET battery upgrade is here!

The Velocity Comp Series battery pack is built exclusively for the OSET Electric youth motorcycles, offering an upgraded Lithium battery system for each of the OSET motorcycles from the OSET 12.5/24 volt to the 24 Race/48 volt and the MX10 models.  

The Velocity Lithium has been specifically designed and built as an upgraded Lithium battery system for the OSET motorcycles.

Taking a development and operating philosophy from OSET; Keep it Simple and Build it Tough, the Velocity Comp Lithium battery upgrade system is built to withstand the rough and tough environment of the off road motorcycle world with its Lithium power plant housed in an almost indestructible ¼” thick rigid PVC housing, further encased in an industrial grade heat shrink outer protective wrap, completely sealed from the outside elements allowing the riders to have fun in the mud and water along the loop or trail without the worry of water or mud contamination of the Lithium power plant and when the riding is done, wash the bike with soap and water as you would any other motorcycle.

Inside the PVC housing the all new, not recycled Lithium cells and BMS control board are packed in an anti vibration, heat dispersing material to further protect the Lithium System and offer years of system reliability. 

Finally the Lithium power plant is rechargeable by the supplied smart charger, that is attached to a dedicated charging port on the battery.

The specifications of the Velocity Comp series are impressive, as well as the impressive results we have obtained in pre production testing, giving the test riders at least 2 days of trials type riding with the 36V/20Ah model and up to 25 miles of single track trail riding on the OSET 24R, with the Velocity Comp Race 48V/30Ah model, all on a single charge.

As stated above each model of Velocity Lithium power system is housed in an industrial strength PVC housing. The power feed wires to the motorcycle’s electrical system are by a set of 10 gauge positive and negative wires attaching to the supplied industrial grade Anderson plug system.  Converting the OSET to accept the Lithium power supply is simple by connecting the supplied Anderson plug to the OSET negative and positive wires, connecting the plugs and your riders are riding. 

Specifications of the Velocity Comp Series;

OSET 12.5R and ECO models:  24 volt, 17Ah, Comp Series, $600 (*Boost $650)

OSET 16R model, 36 volt, 20Ah, Comp Series, $800 (*Boost $818)

OSET 20R model, 48 volt, 20Ah, Comp Series, $900 (*Boost $980)

OSET 24R and MX10 models, 48 volt (58.8 peak voltage), 30Ah, Comp Race Series, $1300 (*Boost$1580)

*Comparative price that boost is charging,  before shipping from China

The Velocity Competition Series, Lithium OSET Battery upgrade was designed and is assembled in the USA with US sourced components eliminating the dependency on foreign components and labor sourcing as well as expensive, lengthy and ever changing shipping costs from overseas.

Our battery upgrades are in stock and our supply goal is to have batteries delivered to customers via walk-in sales locally or shipping to the US customer within 1 weeks’ time of ordering with customers receiving their battery kit in 2 weeks or less of the order date.

With a 1 year parts and labor warranty on all Velocity Comp batteries, manufacturing, sales and shipping from Utah, USA, you can be confident that your battery upgrade along with support before and after the sale is covered.    


For more information or to order your Velocity Competition Series Lithium Battery contact below. 

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