OSET/Boost Lithium Battery conversion

OSET/Boost Lithium Battery conversion

The Boost Lithium battery upgrade is a high quality aftermarket Lithium battery conversion kit specifically designed to convert any of the OSET Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) power supplies, in any of the OSET Electric youth and adult motorcycles.  In the event that a stock OSET Lithium battery supply found the 20 MKII, 24 Race or MX10 needs to be replaced, the Boost battery is a good replacement option at a lower price point than the stock OSET Lithium battery.  

The Boost kit includes a completely sealed Lithium battery, from the 24 volt system used for the OSET 12.5 Race and Eco models to the most powerful 48V/26Ah Lithium kit designed to upgrade the stock OSET Lithium power plant supplied in the 24 Race and MX10 models for those that want the most run time as well as addition power to the ground.

The following narration converts an SLA power supply in an OSET 20 MK Race to the upgraded Boost 48/15Ah Lithium power supply.

The conversion took less than 30 minutes to complete, including the custom wiring allowing the OSET to be powered by the stock SLA or the Boost Lithium power supply.

The Boost kit includes all parts needed to upgrade any OSET to the Boost system, including the Lithium battery, charger, and the wiring conversion kit, or Johnson plug. Tools you will need to complete the upgrade; wire cutters, wire insulation stipper and a fitting gripper (pliers) or soldering iron.

Step 1;

Remove the side panels from the OSET you are converting so that you have access to the battery compartment.

Step 2;

Remove the SLA batteries from the bike (in this application you also lost 12 pounds of SLA battery weight).  

Step 3;

Install the Johnson plug by cutting off the stock blade terminals, replacing them with the connections included in the kit.  The stud connections can be crimped to the 12 gauge wire or they can be a soldered connection, either way make sure the new connection is securely attached to the wires.

Once the new Johnson plug spades are connected securely to the Red and Black wires on the OSET, insert the new spade ends into the Red Johnson plug casing.  


The above photo shows the red and black wires prior to installing in the red plug terminal, and the wires after plugging them into the plug casing.

In this application I have made a male spade adapter that will plug into the stock female spade on the OSET so that the bike can be powered by the Boost Lithium or the stock SLA batteries. 

Step 4;

Install the new Boost battery into the battery compartment on the OSET, use the stock OSET battery holder and thumb screw to secure the Lithium battery, plug the newly installed Johnson terminal to the matching terminal that is already hard wired to the Boost battery.

Step 5;

With the new upgraded Boost Battery securely in the bike and all of the wires reconnected and secured, replace the side panels, charge the battery with the supplied Boost Lithium battery charger and you are ready to ride. 

Note the small white timer box; this is a very valuable charging tool that allows the rider to preset a specific charge time, after you toggle in the desired time the timer will shut off power to the charger until you come back and disconnect the charger.  While the charger does have a full battery shut off, it is still good to control the number of hours the charger runs even in fully charged/standby mode.

A first time charge can take as long as 4 hours so plan accordingly.

Contact Thumbs Up Trials to purchase or with any questions you may have about the OSET/Boost Lithium Battery upgrade.