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VERTICAL R2 2020 | 125cc/200cc/250cc/280cc/300cc

COMBAT VERTICAL 2020 | 125c.c./200c.c./250c.c./300c.c.

COMBAT TITANIUM R 2020 | 250c.c./300c.c.

VERTIGO MINI VANDAL 2020 50cc 16″ y 20″

DOUGIE LAMPKIN REPLICA | 300c.c./250c.c.

At Thumbs Up Trials Supply we strive to be the best.  Having 40 years of experience with Trials bikes, equipment and the people of the sport, if I can't help you with your Trials questions I will be the first to tell you, and I will also use all of my resources to get you and your Trials machine back out on the course and trails. Read more...

Based out of Provo Utah